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Child Disability Care

A fresh approach to disability.

♥ Community based children's services

 At Accept, we believe in an inclusive society. For us, this means a society that supports all Australians – the four million with disabilities, as well as the 20 million without – to thrive, set goals and succeed.That’s why we’ve made it our business to make a positive difference to the lives of families living with a disabled child.

♥ Empowered by partnership

Accept is a modern organisation committed to creating a dynamic partnership with the people we care for. We bring to that relationship professional knowledge about disabilities, experience and foresight.When you partner with Accept, we act on your directions. We are there for you 24/7, freeing up valuable time and space to enable child and carer to get on with what matters most.

♥ Your choice is our priority

Accept’s level of involvement in the life of your child depends on the choices you make. We work with you to understand how disability impacts both your child’s development and his or her ability to take an active part in their community. Our focus is to put in place best practice solutions to enable your child to flourish and reach their full potential.

 ♥ Carefully selected team of specialists

 Our carefully selected and integrated team of specialists includes:

 ·      care co-ordinators and funding specialists

·      trained and certified home support workers (child and youth)

·      registered and enrolled nurses

·      allied health professionals.

As part of our commitment to creating holistic solutions for our clients, we also collaborate with a wide and established network of service providers when required.

♥ Choice of staff and meaningful connections

Matching the right staff to our clients is vital to Accept’s approach. We know what a difference it makes to quality of care when the support professional working with you has a meaningful connection to your child and your family.

 We also understand that even with the best intentions, sometimes things may not work out first time round. That’s why we offer our clients freedom of choice and the back-up of a wide selection of qualified staff.

 Accept staff profiles are available to view on request. They include information about work history and education, language, religion and culture, as well as personal interests and hobbies.