Your partner in Aged & Disability Care


Accept helps you navigate the maze of disability entitlements and options. Our services draw on a number of government programs and subsidy schemes, including:

       the National Disability Insurance Scheme

       South Australian Government assistance

      Medicare subsidy

      Private health insurance. 

At your request, we will assist you to link with these systems to access – and maximise – the best solutions available for you.   

Our team of care co-ordinators bring to their role professional knowledge about disabilities, experience and foresight. Their level of involvement in the services we provide depends on the choices you make. Accept will work with you to understand how disability impacts your life, considering your needs as well as your desire to take an active part in the community.  

Our focus is to put in place best practice solutions to enable you to flourish and reach your full potential.

The type of support and the way it happens will be different for every client.

Starting the day feeling refreshed and confident is one way to help boost your wellbeing. At Accept, we source the right person to enable you to live a full life and to assist and / or supervise daily tasks, to enable you to do them as well as possible. At your request, we can also incorporate into that service new ways to build your skills and capacity towards greater independence.


Accept’s registered and enrolled nurses can meet many healthcare needs in the comfort of your home, saving you extra trips to your doctor or the hospital. Our nursing team is available to collaborate with you, as well as other health professionals, whenever necessary, to maintain optimal health for you.

We can make your life easier by helping with any household tasks you may be having difficulty with. Our personal care workers are qualified and happy to assist clients with a variety of additional chores, such as light cleaning, washing and ironing, as well as shopping and preparing meals. Avoiding the inconvenience of opening up your home to many different workers.

Getting out and about in the community gives you the opportunity to meet new people, interact and socialise with others. At Accept, we can provide transport to and from events. We can also help you attend appointments or community activities by providing a support worker to go with you. 

As part of Accept’s commitment to creating holistic solutions for our clients, we collaborate with a wide and established network of service providers who can provide advice and help with:

·      fitness and nutrition coaching

·      hair and beauty treatments

·      massage

·      eye care and eye wear

·      transport

·      establishing social connections, recreation and entertainment

·      holiday and travel

·      equipment and aids for daily living

·      assistive technology devices and services

·       home modification and contracting.